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Honda Fit EV News from My Electric Car Forums :

Honda offers 2 year lease extension on Fit EVs

Honda has just announced they will offer a 2 year lease extension on the 2013 and 2014 Fit Electric Vehicles. The lease terms are no down payment, unlimited mileage, routine maintenance and collision insurance included,... Continue reading ->

Honda apologizes for the Fit EV shortage

Since the May 30th changes in the Fit EV’s pricing, when Honda lowered the monthly price from $389 to $259 and removed the down payment, removed the mileage limits on the lease, added collision insurance... Continue reading ->

Honda reduces price on Honda Fit EV lease

A reduction has been long anticipated, and now it’s official. Starting June 1st, the Honda Fit EV lease will be $259 per month rather than the previous $389 per month to better compete with the... Continue reading ->

Honda Fit EV now available on East Coast

Yesterday Honda sent out an email blast titled ‘Fit EV now on both coasts.’ Last year, the Honda Fit EV was initially launched in Oregon and California markets. Since then, drivers of the Fit EV... Continue reading ->

Honda is monitoring Fit EV / Ecotality Blink station charging troubles

Plugin Cars writer Colby Trudeau says his place of work has 7 Blink charging stations, and 6 of them start overheating after charging his Fit EV for about 20 minutes. Fortunately, the Fit EV has... Continue reading ->

ZipCar adds Honda Fit EVs to San Francisco

Car sharing service Zipcar says the Honda Fit EV will be available to San Francisco customers starting this month. Zipcar will station Honda Fit electric vehicles at City Hall as well as the InterContinental and... Continue reading ->

Discovery channel to run ‘Birth of a Mitsubishi i-MiEV’

On August 4th, The Discovery Channel will run an episode titled ‘Birth of a Mitsubishi i-MiEV’. The show will run in Canada, with no word if or when it will show in the U.S. The... Continue reading ->