Honda Fit Ev Availability

Honda is not new to the electric vehicle market – it produced a limited run of the Honda EV Plus in the late 90′s and currently has the FCX Clarity (which is a fuel cell electric vehicle). Initial reviews and test drives of the Honda Fit EV says it is the electric vehicle that tuners and sport enthusiasts have been waiting for!

There is much confusion about when the Honda Fit EV will actually be available to purchase and drive. Initially, Honda said the Honda Fit EV would be produced in a limited run and would be for lease only. Newest reports say that Honda will first lease around 1100 of the Honda Fit EV and then it will be available for purchase after that.

The Honda Website, as of January 2012, says the Honda Fit EV will be available for lease in select California and Oregon markets next summer. Honda is also planning to expand the Honda Fit EV availability to six East Coast markets in early 2013.

Honda delivered the first 2013 Fit EV to a couple on July 22. There was no mention of further deliveries in the Honda press release.

The Honda Fit Ev suggested retail price is $36,525. Monthly lease for the Honda Fit EV is estimated around $399.

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